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Temporary Health Insurance

In this section, we cover everything you need to know about temporary health insurance and how it works.

What Is Temporary Health Insurance?

Temporary health insurance, also referred to as short-term insurance, provides you with health insurance coverage for a limited period. Typically, the period can vary from 30 days up to a maximum of 365 days, depending on your state rules.

A temporary health insurance cover is designed to cover hospitalization, doctor office visits, emergency room care, and a few select lab tests. However, these limited insurance plans tend to have insurance terms similar to those of permanent insurance such as coinsurance, monthly premiums, and copays.

One of the top benefits of temporary health insurance is that it features an all-access pass to see any physician or visit any hospital. It doesn’t force you into a narrow and predetermined network of healthcare providers.

Short-Term Health Insurance

How Does Temporary Health Insurance Work?

Temporary health insurance works just like any other form of health insurance coverage. In exchange for your pre-determined monthly premiums, you get protection against all covered medical costs.

You can apply for this type of health insurance online, and your coverage will start as soon as your application is postmarked. Your out-of-pocket maximum will depend on the kind of medical care you receive and your plan.

In some cases, you may be required to make a copayment or pay for specific healthcare services out-of-pocket. It is also good to keep in mind that most short-term health insurance plans will put a limit on the total amount of coverage they can offer.

A significant number of them will have a coverage maximum of up to $2 million and may offer restricted benefits in comparison to long-term medical insurance policies

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Who Needs a Temporary Health Insurance Coverage?

Are you wondering if temporary health insurance is right for you? Well, the following groups of people can benefit from this health insurance plan:

  • People who have been laid off or changing jobs: If you have been laid off or waiting for your next job opportunity, you may be without medical insurance. No matter how short you think the transition period will be, unforeseen events can happen at the most unexpected time. Therefore, consider purchasing temporary health insurance coverage to keep you safe in-between jobs.
  • New immigrants: If you recently moved into the United States from a different country, then you need temporary health insurance coverage as you wait to receive some form of a government-sponsored health plan.
  • Early retirees: Short-term health insurance is also good for early retirees who are waiting on their Medicare plans to commence. Most companies don't provide healthcare coverage after retirement. So, if you recently retired, you may need this plan as you wait on Medicare benefits to commence.
  • Recent college graduates: If you are a recent graduate, then you need to keep in mind that your student insurance policy no longer covers you once you step out of college. Therefore, you may need to go for short-term health insurance as you look for your first job. Remember the fact that anything can happen during the transition period.
  • Anyone who missed on ObamaCare enrollment: If you missed the open enrolment filing period for ObamaCare long-term insurance, you would need some form of coverage as you wait for the next open enrolment period.

Benefits of Temporary Health Insurance Plans

Some of the biggest advantages of short-term health insurance coverage include:
  • You get to enjoy up to $2 million policy maximum
  • It covers you for a period of up to 12 months
  • A simple application process that you can complete online any time
  • You enjoy affordable and high-quality health coverage that is less expensive than long-term plans
  • Coverage can take effect as early as the next day after your application
  • No need to worry about an exclusive medical providers’ network. You are free to visit any hospital or doctor of your choice
  • Temporary health insurance plans are available to individuals as young as 18 years old.

Disclaimer:  Not all temporary health insurance plans offer all of the above-mentioned benefits. Make sure you shop wisely for your plan. Sit down and figure out what is more important to you, then compare different plans.  You should only go for a short-term health insurance plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

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