Renter's Insurance

Our renters’ insurance policy is specifically designed to cover your personal belongings, additional living expenses, and liability exposure should the unexpected happen to your rented apartment or home.

Renter's Insurance

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We Take Care of You and Your Belongings So You Can Focus on What Matters.

Whether you are getting rent to rent a home or apartment, you need to consider purchasing our renters’ insurance policy for your own peace of mind. In fact, some landlords and property management companies now require their tenants to purchase a renter’s insurance policy as part of the lease terms.

Whether it is a requirement or not, it is always smart to have one because you can never be sure of what might happen during your tenure at the house. Our renters’ insurance is specifically designed to cover you and your belongings should anything unexpected happen during your stay at the house.

You can think of our renters’ insurance policy like a mini homeowners” insurance policy with enough protection to reduce your liability should unforeseeable events such as natural disasters, guest injuries, theft, and burglaries happen while you are staying at the house.

The biggest difference between renters’ insurance and homeowners’ insurance is that a renters’ insurance policy only covers the things in your apartment/home and not the apartment/home itself.

So, if you organize a party in your apartment and one of the guests decides to take off with some of your valuables, or your stuff gets destroyed during flooding, we shall reimburse you.

What Does Our Renters’ Insurance Policy Cover?

Our renters’ insurance policy is designed to protect you and your valuables against any form of property damage or bodily injury that you may cause to others.

We shall protect you and your belongings if someone else becomes injured in your apartment or when there is a burglary case.

While we won’t cover any structural damage to the building, we shall be there to cover your living expenses if your rented apartment or home becomes unlivable. We shall also reimburse you if any of your personal belongings are stolen from your car outside your rented apartment/home.

The Three Main Parts of Our Coverage Are:

Personal Property Damage

We shall pay for your damaged/destroyed items after a covered loss.

Additional Living Expenses

We shall pay for the cost of a hotel if your rented apartment becomes unlivable.

Liability Coverage

We shall pay for your medical bills if someone else injures themselves in your rented apartment. We care!

Renters insurance


We strive to ensure you get the right renters’ insurance policy at the right price. To accomplish this, we shall evaluate your needs carefully and help you compare quotes from different insurers to ensure you get the best possible offer.

Enjoy Off-Premises Coverage

While many policies only cover your personal belongings while on-premise (in your apartment), we go a step further and provide off-premise coverage. Therefore, should your personal belongings be stolen while you are away from home, our policy will cover you to some degree.

Enjoy High Coverage Limits

We never underestimate the value of your personal possessions because we know what it means to you. Our primary objective is to help you choose the right policy with the right coverage limits. This will ensure you are not overpaying for your policy or underpaying and leaving yourself exposed in case of a disaster.

renters' insurance

Protect Your Guests from Negligence

Liability insurance, which is an automatic part of our renters’ insurance, is designed to cover you if someone is injured in your rented apartment/home or damage to someone else’s property that you may cause.

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